Links Continue to be Fixed

I am moving through the site and replacing all the Dropbox files with Google Drive files. After noting the issue with Dropbox four days ago, they have done nothing to help address the issue. Frustrating.

I will repair things as quickly as possible but keep in mind, I am a classroom teacher which kind of limits what I can get done during the day. 🙂

The Core Knowledge Instructional Materials, BAPs, RAPs and DBQs, Mini-Assessments and kindergarten supplements have all been fixed. I am moving to other elements of the site each evening.


Problem With Dropbox

The links to all the dropbox files are not working. I have emailed Dropbox and I am hopeful they will resolve this issue quickly.

63000 Resources

A lot has changed since this site was created in 2013. Initially, the page was simply an easy way of categorizing all of the items at The pages have evolved, however, and this was the impetus to recreate some elements on the website.

Thank you to all the people who provided items and to those in our educational
community who continue to embrace the importance of a) sharing unfiltered information b) promoting vetted and free materials and c) honoring the expertise of classroom teachers and empowering them to be authentic leaders.

If you have a question you can email me, Aaron Grossman, at