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Grade 4 Performance Task SBAC

Grade 6 Performance Task SBAC

Grade 11 Performance Task SBAC

3rd Grade Literary Because of Winn-Dixie
3rd Grade Nonfiction Cactus Jam
3rd Grade Literary The Fisherman and His Wife
3rd Grade Nonfiction Mrs. Mack
4th Grade Nonfiction Basic Archeology
4th Grade Literary Walk Two Moons
4th Grade Literary Yang the Eldest & Out of the Dust
5th Grade Nonfiction Bubblology
5th Grade Nonfiction Looking for Lunar Ice
5th Grade Literary Summer of the Swans
5th Grade Nonfiction Who was Marco Polo & The Adventures of Marco Polo
6th Grade Literary Counting on Grace
6th Grade Literary Curse of the Poisoned Pretzel
6th Grade Informational The Great Fire
6th Grade Informational The Making of a Scientist
7th Grade Informational The Digestive Process Begins & Final Digestion and Absorption
7th Grade Informational Farm to Factory & The Omnivore’s Dilemma
7th Grade Literary The Glorious Whitewasher
7th Grade Informational Nature by Design
7th Grade Informational Santorio Santorio and the Thermometer
8th Grade Literary 1984
8th Grade Poetry Dolce et Decorum Est
8th Grade Informational Long Night of Little Boats
8th Grade Informational Forensic Science
8th Grade Literary The Open Boat
9th Grade Literary Departure
9th Grade Informational Manhattan Project
10th Grade Informational The Force
10th Grade Literary Julius Caesar
11th Grade Informational Inaugural Address, 1801
11th Grade Informational Is it a Crime for a Citizen of the US to Vote?
11th Grade Literary Nonfiction Living Like a Weasel
11th Grade Informational Stalagmite Trio
11th Grade Literary Pride and Prejudice


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