5th Grade

A Boy Called Slow (here)

And Then What Happened, Paul Revere? (here)

Black Cowboy, Wild Horses (here)

Dear Mr. Henshaw (here)

Earthquake Terror (here)

Elena (here)

Eye of the Storm (here)

James Forten (here)

Katie’s Trunk (here)

La Bamba (here)

Mae Jemison, Space Scientist (here)

Mariah Keeps Cool (here)

Michelle Kwan: Heart of a Champion (here)

Mom’s Best Friend (here)

My Side of the Mountain (here)

Pioneer Girl (here)

The Fear Place (here)

The Golden Lion Tamarin Comes Home (here)

The Grizzly Bear Family Book (here)

Volcanoes (here)

Yang the Second (here)

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