Kindergarten Teacher Created Supplements

Domain 1

Nursery Rhymes–Vocabulary Bold Words With Pictures

Nursery Rhymes Shared Reading

3 Pigs PDF

3 Pigs Sequence

3 Bears Puppets

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Clock Face

Glue the Three Little Pigs Pictures

Humpty Dumpty

This Little Pig Went to the Market

Three Bill Goats Gruff Retell

Three Pigs Masks

Twinkle Twinkle

Three Pigs

Johnny Appleseed

Domain 2

5 Senses Vocabulary Cards

5 Senses IAW Poster

5 Senses Class Book Hear image

5 Senses Class Book See image

5 Senses Class Book Smell image

5 Senses Class Book Taste image

5 Senses Class Book Touch image

5 Senses Big Book Pics document

5 Senses Cover Page

5 Senses Writing

Vocabulary Cards Five Senses

5 Senses Master

Senses Roll

My Five Senses Mini Unit

Senses Print

5 Senses Poster Set

Domain 3

Vocabulary Cards Stories

Stories Vocabulary Pictures

Domain 4

Kindergarten Plants ELL Vocab Cards

Parts We Eat

Plant Vocabulary Cards Updated 5.4.17

Pollination Flower Activity

Steps of Pollination

Domain 5

Farm Animals 1

Farm Animals 2

Farm Packet Part 1

Farm Packet Part 2

Farms Word Cards

Domain 7

Kings and Queens Word Wall Set

Domain 8

Fall Autumn PowerPoint

Weather and Seasons Vocabulary Cards

Seasons Song Video

Weather Domain Video

Domain 9

Vocabulary Cards Columbus and Pilgrims

Domain 10

Colonial Towns Vocab Cards

Colonial Towns and Towns People Zoom In

Domain 11

Taking Care of the Earth Video

Jack Johnson’s The 3 R’s song – video

Taking Care of the Earth Vocabulary

Domain 12

Presidents and American Symbols Cards


Kinder Common Assessment

CK Vocabulary Book

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