Bookmarks for K-5 Information Text (here)

Bookmarks for K-5 Foundational Skills (here)

Bookmarks for K-5 Literature (here)

Bookmarks for K-5 Speaking and Listening (here)

Bookmarks for K-5 Language (here)

CCSS Graphic Organizer (here)

Cheat Sheet for the CCSS, describing terms and acronyms (here)

Creating Text Dependent Questions Guide (here)

Cultivating Wonder essay by David Coleman (here)

Edmodo Groups to Support Common Core (here)

ELA Language Standards Progression view (here)

ELA Reading Informational Text Progression View (here)

ELA Reading in Literature Progression View (here)

ELA Speaking and Listening Progression View (here)

ELA Writing Progression View (here)

Graphic organizer to practice textual evidence (here)

iTunes University CCSS Courses (here)

NEA Common Core Toolkit (here)

One page view of the Anchor Standards in K-5 ELA (here)

One page view of the Anchor Standards 6-12 (here)

Text Complexity Rubric (here)

Text Sets: Checklist for Evaluating Question Quality

Text Sets: Guide to Creating Text Sets

Wyoming’s DOE list of CCSS resources (here)

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