Professional Learning

Professional Learning

15 “must see” Common Core resources PowerPoint

Foundational Skills for Teaching Writing PowerPoint

Instructional Shifts Grendon PowerPoint

Introducing the CCCSS Prezi (here)

Progression of Comprhension by Liben & Pearson whitepaper

Myths vs. Facts (here)

One page overview of text complexity (here)

Publisher’s Criteria for 3-12 (here)

Publisher’s Criteria for K-2 (here)

Realizing Opportunities for ELs and the Common Core (here)

Toolkit for Evaluating Alignment of Resources (here)

Vocabulary Research Base Paper by David Liben (here)

Why Text Complexity Matters by David Liben (here)

Wiggins in Defense of Common Core

Willingham The Zeitgeist of Reading Instruction

Writing to Read: Evidence for how Writing Improves Reading (here)

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