1st Grade Teacher Created Supplements

Domain 1

Fables_World Map to Label Stories Organizer

Vocabulary Cards Fables

1st grade Fairy Tale Vocab Cards

1st grade Fairy Tale Vocab Cards (2)

Fables Vocabulary

Domain 2

Body Systems English to Spanish

D2 Domain Dictionary

Vocabulary Cards Human Body Updated 3.17.17

Domain 3

Different Lands, Similar Stories Activity Packet

Different Lands Organizer Flipchart

Vocabulary Cards Different Lands

Domain 4

Vocabulary Cards Early World Civilizations


Early World Civilizations Think Back and Write Book 1234567891011

Domain 5

Vocabulary Cards Early American Civilizations

Domain 6

Vocabulary Cards Astronomy

Domain 7

Vocabulary Cards History of Earth

History of Earth Vocab Cards different version

Discussion Techniques—Earth

Domain 8

Animals and Habitats Vocabulary Cards

Animals and Habitats Domain Lesson Review/Plan

Domain 10

New Nation Vocabulary Cards

Domain 11

Frontier Explorers Vocabulary Cards



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